"Take a shower, you'll feel better" . . .

was a statement often heard shortly after we lived the death of our daughters.

Sometimes taking a shower is all you can do for the day.


The vision behind our soaps is that whatever feelings you feel are completely understandable and normal,

despite what the world tells you.


Our soaps are handmade with all natural ingredients and meant to be cleansing, purifying, validating, and healing.

We need to feel that we are not alone and that each and every feeling we have is real and worthy.

This community of families whose babies have died is one that we would have never chosen to be a part of,

but we have found incredible support and love through these relationships.

Through our sadness and pain, we find such comfort in knowing that what we feel is normal and that we are not alone.


The death of our daughters does not need to end their story. We hope that with our soap we can share their short lives with others.  We just want our little girls to be remembered and their names spoken.


We make each batch of soap in honor of our precious daughters.

Ellie's Story:

Our sweet Eleanor (Ellie) was born silently into this world, two days after her due date, on July 25th, 2014. Our perfect, beautiful, 8-lb baby girl had passed away due to a cord accident, and our lives were turned upside down in an instant.


During her brief and beautiful life on this earth, she was full of energy, and she absolutely loved sweets and her daddy’s voice – especially when he read to her.  We know she would have been full of sass, just like her mama.  Whenever we see a little blonde girl with chubby cheeks (and a pigtail on top of her head!), we acknowledge in the most heartbreakingly beautiful way that Ellie would have looked just like her.


Ellie visits us often, in the form of a butterfly, especially when we need her the most.   We are thankful for all of the amazing people she has brought into our lives, especially other loss parents who have helped us to feel more normal and less alone.

Evangeline's Story:

On January 11, 2016, at 4:14am, Evangeline was born with no heartbeat.  She was 8 lb. 9 oz., and the most gorgeous thing her parents had ever seen.  They did not know she wasn’t alive until she was born, and no reason was found.


She was a night owl like her parents, and swam laps all night long.  She loved all carbs, but particularly bagels and Reubens and Rice Krispy treats.  She got foot rubs that put her in a state of bliss each day by her dad and she did so much good for the world as she went with her mom to work every day.


After she was born, her mama spent the first few months watching endless TV and knitting washcloths.  All she really wanted to do was snuggle her baby girl and knit things for her.  Washcloths were perfect because they were short enough to occupy her scattered and distracted mind for a short amount of time and still produce a finished product.

All Soap is Hand Crafted and made out of natural ingredients

Our Soap







Tomato Basil (Kitchen Soap)


Oatmeal & Honey

Saponified oils: coconut, olive, sweet almond; organic oats; honey.


Calendula Orange


Rose Clay Honeysuckle


Clay Violet


Ginger Brown Sugar


Rose Clay Neroli


Rose Clay & Charcoal
Ellie & Evangeline Soap

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All proceeds have contributed to other's in need through gifts in kind and the placement of Cuddle Cots in two hospitals!


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